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Pamela Ruddy | President & Executive Manager | Easy Street Foundation, LLC


Pamela Ruddy started researching what public resources were available to her son, Jay after he was diagnosed at age 14, in 2000, with Asperger's syndrome. She found a lot of helpful information for kids on the severe end of the autism spectrum, but nothing for those at the high-functioning end. So she decided to fill the need.  

With more than 13 years' experience in the educational field, Pam has taught in all areas of the elementary spectrum within the private and public school settings. She has received recognition for her accomplishments in the classroom with identifying students with learning disabilities and special needs and in 2010 Pam was nominated for the Loudoun County Public School's Substitute Teacher of the Year. 

Additionally, Pam is an international author and monthly contributor to several media outlets. She has also received awards for her outstanding volunteer work.

Michael Oberschneider | Founder & Director | Ashburn Psychological & Psychiatric Services


Dr. Michael Oberschneider, Founder & Director of Ashburn Psychological & Psychiatric Services works alongside Pam as the Chief Mental Health Advisor for Easy Street Foundation, LLC. 

Dr. Oberschneider has spent the past 12 years working as a psychologist in a variety of capacities with children, adolescents and adults. Dr. Oberschneider has practiced as a staff psychologist at an in-patient hospital unit, the United States Justice Department, the City of Alexandria (Youth and Family Services) and in private practice. 

Additionally Dr. Oberschneider has published articles in prestigous journals and newspapers, has been featured on media spots as a health expert, presented at national conventions and received honorary awards for published works. Learn more about his accolades here.

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